Friday, March 09, 2007

pear, half eaten

Pear, half eaten/oil on copper
3.75" X 5.25"


Nomi said...

Hi. I just found you through PaintersNYC. Can I ask you what it's like to paint on copper? I'm looking for new surfaces . . .

painterdog said...

Hello Nomi,
Copper is very nice to paint on.
I like it and I use a 16 gage copper.
If you use thinner gage it should be mounted on wood.

You have to prepare it by sanding it with wet/dry 500 grit sand paper to get the sheen and to create some tooth. Then hit it with some alcohol to get rid of the grease.

Nomi said...

Thanks. I want to try it.

Nomi said...

Oh, are they expensive? Sorry, I guess I could just look that up . . .

painterdog said...

Is copper expensive?
Well the price goes up and down due to the market.
Copper is a bit high right now.
I bout a bunch years ago when I was doing printmaking.

I forgot to mention you don't have to prime the copper after you clean it.

Just paint on it.
you can also use aluminum or zinc, although zinc is very soft.

Buy some etching plates and prepair them for painting.

Nomi said...

Great. Thanks so much, Jeffrey.

k said...

This is another lovely painting. Maybe the copper is part of what gives it that glow? Please excuse me, I am not at all a painter.

jeff f said...

Yes it does have an effect on the paint and so on.

Thanks for all the kind words, K.

k said...

Not kind words, however. I really, really, really love your work.

Big time. All of it. Everything I could find, here and at your old site.

Are there any other works you have posted that I can peruse?