Thursday, June 21, 2007

Early evening

Vermont oil sketch #3
Oil on board
9" x 11.3/4"


Elizabeth Torak said...

Nice work! The Vermont sketches are beautiful: wonderful light and flow. Unfortunately the middle one wouldn't come up on my screen. I've been having the same problem with my blog (arrgh) - I'll keep checking back to see if it appears.

painterdog said...

Thanks Elizabeth.
The second picture is not turning up?
I will reload that and see if it might be a bad upload.

I am not using Frank's palette, I just put out some primaries and earth colors, black and white, gray scales.

I am interested in using DuMond's palette which uses Cobalt blue strings instead of ultramarine.

The primaries are the same as Frank's with the full range of Cads.
No Violets, the greens are the same.
Gray scales
DuMond's palette

painterdog said...

If you click on history there is a great picture of Frank in his youth.

shea said...

Great work! The landscapes are the best.