Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yellow Tomato and Garlic

Tomato and Garlic
Oil on wood
6" x 7"


Raluca C said...

your fruits and vegetable remind me a bit of Vermeer:now I´m really hungry!!Great work!Congratulations!

Chad Wallace said...

These are great. I am just about to draw a still life myself, something I'd like to do more of. I'll keep checking in for inspiration.

k said...

I love the food paintings. Yum!

Plus, you seem to like a lot of the same foods I do.

Except beets. They're pretty to look at and fun to grow but I don't like to eat them. Same with peppers and eggplants. I love to grow them and give them away.

I gave away a LOT of fresh peppers and eggplants in New Orleans - often, over the side fence to one of several neighbors. Oh, that was fun!

meg said...

Brian likes this garlic clove.