Thursday, August 21, 2008

Egg shells

Egg Shells
Oil on panel, 2008
5" x 8"


Anonymous said...

Jeff, didn't realize you had a blog! Great work here - was blown away by your eggshells and the grapes are just beautiful!I certainly can see that Munsell is making a huge difference in your work. I've always admired your landscape work, and it's such a treat to find your site...will tune in more often!

Can't remember my passwork for google! so have to post as anonymous! Marsha Piper

jeff f said...

Hey Marsha.
Thanks for checking out my work.

You nailed it I used Munsell for the Egg Shell painting. Not as much on the grapes, which I need to get a better photo of.

I don't use Munsell for landscape work as it does not seem to lend itself to outdoor work for me.

I do however use it to pre-mix my grays scales, blue, violet, and green strings. Nine values for each hue. I use the Munsell gray scale value chart for all of them as I am just mixing close values for each color. This works great for me as I have all the values and I don't have to spend time mixing on the spot.

Good luck with all those democrats in town next week!

Chris Rywalt said...

This painting looks really, really good. And I don't usually like still lifes. But wow.

Chris Rywalt said...

And if you've got a minute, Jeff, do me a favor and tell me how one "uses" Munsell. Because I've read up on it and kind if have an idea but the actual doing kind of eludes me.