Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tomato and Peppers

Tomato and Peppers
Oil on Panel, 2008
10" x 12"

This is almost done, a few touches here and there are to be done.
I sacrificed one of the tomato's from our garden.
I wish I had thought of taking a photo of the tomato as it started to rot.
It was very interesting and took on some fascinating shapes.


Anonymous said...

A real "Love Apple"

lovely Jeffrey

jeff f said...

Thanks Julian.

We had a good crop this year considering I screwed up with to much fertilizer. Tomato's do not like to much nitrogen as this promotes to much leaf growth and not enough fruit.

Chris Rywalt said...

My son planted some tomatoes in the back yard. They never fruited -- not enough sun, I think.

A friend's mother passed us tomatoes from her garden this year because her crop was so huge. I'd forgotten how good a tomato can taste when it hasn't been refrigerated.

A supermarket tomato just went bad on us; I tossed it in the front yard. The squirrels like them.

Excellent painting. I like the texture of the cloth especially.

jeff f said...

Hey Chris, thanks.
Yep I can't eat a store bought tomato for months after the last one from the garden is gone.

They need a lot of sun 7 or more hours. One reason for no fruit is bees or the lack of them. You need to have flowering plants that attract bees to pollinate the flowers.

We plant a lot of flowers all around our garden as well. In the height of summer the place is buzzing.

Heres a tip keep the store bought tomato's out of the fridge, if you store them at room temperature they will taste better

Dar Presto said...

This piece has a beautiful authenticity, lovely light and composition.

Jasons-Brush said...

Hey Jeff,

Im loving your new paintings. The colors are especially beautiful. Did you apply Munsell to these new works? Either way, they turned out great.

Best Jason

jeff f said...

Jason, yes I started it using the Munsell chips. As I worked on it though I used my older method of mixing and checking using the palette knife.

The Turnips was done using Munsell as well.

dsb said...

Jeff, hi. I found you through Elizabeth's blog. Beautiful work. I especially am in awe of the dishtowel. And the cut cutting board under the turnips. Nice.

lisagloria said...

Hey Jeff,
This one is lovely! Feels like I could just reach out and touch that fabric.

Karen Winslow said...

Hey Jeff, Really nice job!

Faith Te said...

Hi, Mr. Freedner. Just found out about your blog and your work. This is a lovely, lovely painting. I can almost feel the texture of the towel and the tomato is perfect!