Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ipswich Salt Marshes 3 PM; sketch

Ipswich Salt marsh: 3 PM 4-29-09
Oil on linen panel
8" x 10"

I went out to Ipswich to paint and found this nice spot which part of the state park system. There was not a soul around, which was great and parking was free. I did this sketch in about 2 hours.
The problem with this area is that there is no place to park and go painting. The entire place is posted with no parking signs.
I will be going back as there is this really nice bunch of old apple trees that are crying out to be painted.

I was also was bitten by a tick which was not fun. The doctor thinks it will be alright as it takes 24 hours or more for the disease to pass from this vile insect to humans, and I removed it within 6 hours. I should know in about 10 days if I have Lyme's disease which will mean a course of antibiotics. I was wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt and the little bugger still found a way to my flesh.

I will have to add Deet to my outdoor painting kit.


Chris Rywalt said...

I was camping this past weekend out in the wilds of New Jersey and I found not one, not two, but five ticks in my tent. One of them woke me up in the middle of the night crawling on me! I swear, in 30 years of camping I don't think I've even seen a tick more than twice, and I got five in one night.

Lovely sketch. Your sense of value and hue is excellent. I really like the way you bring them together in your landscapes.

I often find myself wanting to capture the marshes of New Jersey. Over the years I've come to find beauty there.

jeff f said...

Thanks Chris.
Landscape painting is hard. The biggest mistake people make is they make things to dark or they use white to much to make things lighter and that makes everything look pasty.

I use a lot blue/gray and violet/grays
and I mix into this instead of pure white. Our planet is bathed in blue and violet light.

The ticks have been getting worse the past year or so. My vet told me last year that it was the worse she has ever seen in over 15 years of practicing. I was pulling a tick off my dog last year after every time we went for a walk. He has Frontline which kills them after they bite, most of the time. Dogs also have a vaccine for Lyme disease which is supposed to work.

Philip Koch said...

Jeff, nice painting. Had to laugh at your comment about the legion of "no parking " signs. Clearly there are evil forces in the universe that delight in putting these things up in as many of the great painting areas as possible.