Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Long pose Life drawing

Long pose life drawing.
14" x 17" pencil on paper


Chris Rywalt said...

Both of these drawings are very, very nice. Subtlety and patience.

Except at the toes. You don't seem to want to bother with toes, here or in the last figure you posted in February 2009.

jeff said...

Chris I have one more session with the figure.

But sometimes you leave stuff out because it makes sense to do so.
I'm not trying to copy every detail of the model. If I did I would take photograph. These drawings are studies and I'm doing them to get better at drawing the figure, not drawing toes.

By the way there are plenty of drawings with feet drawn this way.

I post some feet studies for you...

Chris Rywalt said...

It's okay if you don't do the toes all the time. I just thought, in the three drawings you posted, it was funny that you detailed everything very closely except the toes.

Personally I've been trying to capture toes and fingers and hands more. The hands because my wife's been making fun of me, saying my hands are terrible, and I want to prove her wrong. And toes because, hey, so many people forget the toes! And I like feet.

jeff said...

Cris it depends no what you want the drawing to do.

Also the drawing is not that big so doing detailed fingers or toes is a balancing act. It's not about the details, it's about shapes and form.

If you want to get better at hands and feet study the anatomy. Copy some hands from some masters such as Rubens.

Chris Rywalt said...

Honestly I'm very good at hands. My father tells me -- although I don't remember this -- when I was young I spent weeks working on nothing but hands because I'd read that Leonardo da Vinci said hands were the hardest. My wife picks on the hands I draw and paint when I'm not trying very hard. I'll often just doodle out whatever comes because I'm trying to be less precious and careful, trying to be loose and less of a perfectionist. Then she'll say, "You messed up the hands again." So I'm trying to chart a middle course between working too carefully and making a wreck -- get the hands right quickly and easily without a lot of bearing down. I'm getting better.

You're right that at 14 by 17 it's hard to get toes with too much detail. When I've been concentrating on feet I've been devoting a whole sheet to just the feet.

jeff said...


Anonymous said...

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