Saturday, July 19, 2008

Route 15 West, VT

Route 15 West, VT
Early Morning
Oil on Panel
10" x 12"

I did this painting on Sunday morning at about 7 AM, I did not get to finish it.
It was off of route 15 towards Jeffersonville, Vermont.
It was a gray overcast morning and about hour into painting it started to rain.
I kept on working for a bit as it was a light rain, but it started to pick up.
Just as I finished putting my gear away it started to pour.
Lucky me as it turned out to be a pretty big storm.


Tony Perrotta said...

Hey Jeff, Found your blog. Wow great work all around. I stopped the string method for a while, am getting back to it tomm. for the first time in months. Experiemntal ya know..?

Tony Perrotta

Tatiana said...

Love the mist